CORE-12875 – Ensure correct profile is sent to registrar per admin order
CORE-13854 – Correct erroneous client notification about inability to make automated payment
CORE-13910 – Correct class documentation for WHMCS\View\Formatter\Price::getCurrency()
CORE-14037 – Improve description of Automation setting for Credit Card Expiry Notices
CORE-14038 – Correct dynamic pivot value for server sync analysis
CORE-14050 – Set invoice status to Cancelled when cancelling invoice paid in full with credit
CORE-14056 – Ensure Tax ID field retains data on Add Sub Account in client/admin area when “Tax Support” is disabled
CORE-14059 – Refine styling of form fields in export reports
CORE-14060 – Provide range filter support to date fields in CSV export reports
CORE-14080 – Implement “Simple” metric pricing scheme
CORE-14082 – Ensure Migrate to eWay modal opens
CORE-14083 – Correct dynamic display of New Card Details form fields in cart
CORE-14088 – Provide helper functions for pay method creation/update
CORE-14089 – Relax currency code validation to allow for non-ISO standards
CORE-14091 – Provide helper functions for managing bank pay methods
CORE-14094 – Correct InvoiceCreated and InvoiceCreationPreEmail hook params
CORE-14102 – Correct quote deposit dates
CORE-14103 – Correct view invoice and order with GoCardless enabled
CORE-14107 – Generate usage invoice on service termination
CORE-14111 – Prevent erroneous migration condition for remotely stored card data
Also known as: MODULE-7204
CORE-14113 – Improve error messaging on remote token deletion failure
CORE-14117 – Normalize To/CC/BCC address processing
CORE-14118 – Only render Metric Statistics block on services of products with supporting modules
CORE-14127 – Ensure messaging in Credit Card Invoice Created template reflects Disable CC Processing setting
CORE-14128 – Correct admin area rendering of registrar command buttons
CORE-14130 – Correct HTML attribute for bank input form fields
CORE-14133 – Prevent orphaned ssl order records from removed product addons
CORE-14134 – Add translation string for Product Group Name placeholder
CORE-14145 – Correct display of quick service insights for cancellation requests


MODULE-7206 – Improve calculation for promos on proforma product with 2Checkout Inline
MODULE-7208 – Observe PayPal Checkout restriction for subscription payment minimum frequency of 1yr (ie no biennial)
MODULE-7209 – Improve prorata for PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7210 – Improve paymethod migration routine for locally stored cards
MODULE-7212 – Correct webhooks for PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7215 – Improve UI elements of admin Add Pay Method for eWay
Also known as: CORE-14084
MODULE-7216 – Make PayPal linked app fields read-only to disallow erroneous or non-automated values
Also known as: CORE-14074
MODULE-7220 – Do not attempt to show PayPal Checkout to admins
Also known as: MODULE-7222
MODULE-7221 – Correct refund routine for PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7222 – Prevent error for invalid PayPal Checkout login details
Also known as: MODULE-7220
MODULE-7229 – Relocation start event for PayPal Checkout subscription workflow
MODULE-7232 – Correct sandbox URL for eWay v4
MODULE-7235 – Correct transfer API call to GoDaddy
MODULE-7238 – Update input setting handling for 2Checkout integration
MODULE-7239 – Temporarily only permit non-subscription payments with PayPal Checkout


CORE-14112 – Correct local card update for UpdatePayMethod API
CORE-14135 – Correct CreateQuote API example
CORE-14142 – Correct UpdateClientProduct API example


CORE-14087 – Update Hungarian translations
Also known as: CORE-14019
CORE-13901 – Hebrew Translation additions and improvements